Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Tilo George Copperfield is constantly looking for the next song. With eight solo albums since 2017 and more than 20 years in the music business, he already has a respectable body of work to look back on, which had its starting point early on as a driving force in Southern blues rockers 3 Dayz Whizkey.

If you want to pigeonhole Copperfield, you could classify him as a rock'n'roll and Americana songwriter with heart and mind. But a closer look reveals his deep love of the blues and a melodic approach that could be described as a pop sensibility. His guitar work and expressive vocals are always in the service of the song, and live on stage his electric band can really cut loose and turn each track into a stunning and unique jam experience.

The new album Snakes & Dust (Timezone, 2022), which was recorded in collaboration with producer Dr. Will and many illustrious musical guests from the southern German roots rock scene, can be described as nothing less than a Wild West epic. In ten gripping and atmospheric songs, the record tells the story of a daring gunslinger who calls himself "El Cid" out of reverence for his hero and who lost his brother in an ambush at the hands of a corrupt sheriff. The song cycle reflects the inner conflict of the hero, who has already ridden with Billy The Kid and vows revenge. A musical masterpiece and probably the most artistically mature work of T.G. Copperfield to date.


T.G. Copperfield (2017)
The Worried Man (2017)
Tunes for George EP (2018)
Sweet Honey EP (2018)
Magnolia (2019)
Crank it up in Nashville (2019)
Talkin’ Shop (2019)
The Electric Band (2021)
Snakes & Dust (2022)



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