Songwriter, guitar man and singer Tilo George Copperfield is in constant search for the next song. With eight solo records under his belt he can already look back on a respectable body of work after honing his musical skills as the driving force behind southern bluesrockers 3 Dayz Whizkey.

If you want to pigeonhole Copperfield in some way you could classify him as a heartland Rock and Roll and electrified americana songsmith. But a closer look would reveal his deep love of the blues and a melodic approach you may also call pop-sensitivity. His guitar work is always in service of the song but live on stage his Electric Band can really rip it off and turn every tune into a massive and mind-blowing jam experience.

With his new output THE ELECTRIC BAND he is going back to his roots by putting out a forward-pushing, blues-rocking, uplifting album which sings loud praise for the concept of the live band. With Michael Air Hofmann on drums, Michael Karl on bass and Claus Baecher on keys Copperfield found the perfect vehicle to perform his music in a fantastic way. Live recorded in the studio during the pandemic of 2020 it all came down to four guys in one room blasting out one takes with energy, skills and heart.

Every note is played with passion, recorded at Slash Zero recording studios with a special love for detail and a sonic texture made to sound best on vinyl. Because that´s what records should be made for.

Make sure you catch the band on the road as this is the place where everything comes together. T.G. Copperfield and The Electric Band are waving the flag of Rock and Roll with authenticity and their very own sound. Bringing the mojo, drawing from history and carrying the spirit of the guitar-driven band into the future.


T.G. Copperfield (2017)
The Worried Man (2017)
Tunes for George EP (2018)
Sweet Honey EP (2018)
Magnolia (2019)
Crank it up in Nashville (2019)
Talkin’ Shop (2019)
The Electric Band (2021)
Snakes & Dust (2022)



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