Songwriter, vocalist and guitarist T.G. Copperfield is always working on the magic of the next song. Starting out as the driving force of southern bluesrockers 3 Dayz Whizkey he soon found his very own voice in Blues, Rock and Americana. A storyteller with a remarkable sense for melody and with the true heart of a Rock and Roller. His respectable back catalogue of ten records since 2017 speaks for itself and makes hard working T.G. a unique but always authentic character in the scene. Always trying to push his own boundaries a little further with every new musical adventure.

Constantly touring the highways with his electric band, acoustic trio or solo the song is always front and center but also leaves enough room for great musicianship, especially in extended jams when the band is responding to the audience. A charismatic live performer with more than twenty years of experience and a profound understanding of the roots and the foundations of Rock and Roll.


Out In The Desert (2023)
Snakes & Dust (2022)
The Electric Band (2021)
Talkin’ Shop (2019)
Crank It Up In Nashville (2019)
Magnolia (2019)
Sweet Honey EP (2018)
Tunes For George EP (2018)
The Worried Man (2017)
T.G. Copperfield (2017)



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