Tilo George Copperfield did it again and released another masterpiece.
THE WORRIED MAN is the second longplayer published in 2017 and again channelling the broad range of influences of the man also known as songwriter and guitar player of 3 Dayz Whizkey.

Where his first record mainly focused on Bluesrock and Americana, THE WORRIED MAN is diving even deeper into a broad spectrum of styles. Simply put: "an entertaining listening experience with hit potential" (CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE). Composed as a Rock and Roll Dystopia this is also the story of Evil Eye. An anti-hero Living in the future and fighting an inner conflict in a state of surveillance and terror. A concept record with style and classic sound.

Michael "Air" Hofmann and Michael "Don Karlos" Karl as THE ELECTRIC BAND remain the strong foundation of the COPPERFIELD live-sound and they also put their stamp on THE WORRIED MAN with great musicianship and artistic finesse. Copperfield and his band live and breathe their music and do not fear entering new terrain. Because it´s all in the song.



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